AirFixture Under Floor Air Distribution Systems

AirFixture, LLC is a leading provider of Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) in North America, and serves customers worldwide with the largest distributor base in HVAC. With a focus on UFAD, AirFixture offers more products and system choices than all of our competitors combined.

Industry-Leading Design Experience

AirFixture leads the way in technological innovation and design, creating more comfortable and productive working environments. Our products range from low cost standard products to the most advanced custom solutions in the industry. AirFixture holds major patents for technological innovations that have changed the way under floor air is distributed. Our products have been designed with the end-user in mind, creating the best value in the UFAD industry.

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Looking to Upgrade?

Do you currently have a York Generation-1 UFAD installation? Do you have an outdated poorly functioning UFAD system? If so, contact us. You might be surprised to learn that an upgrade to a current Generation-3 system comes with a number of benefits, both in system functionality and cost/energy savings. Click below to learn more about getting even more out of your UFAD system.

MIT-1 to MIT-3 Upgrades