MIT1 to MIT3 System Upgrades

In 1998, York introduced the first generation Modular Integrated Terminal (MIT-1), designed to provide constant velocity air supply in variable-air-volume UFAD applications. Although York’s first generation MIT design was the best technology available at the time, due to various deficiencies in its controls and mechanics, a high percentage of the active systems placed in operation between 1998 and 2008 might benefit from an upgrade.  In fact,  new technology is the very reason why AirFixture took it upon themselves to develop its own patented system, resulting in the release of the MIT2 in 2004 followed by the most current revision – MIT3.

The MIT3 unit incorporates AirFixture’s patented “Time Modulation” technology and is provided with a standard 18 month warranty (with extended warranties available at very low cost).

Since the introduction of the direct drive time modulation air valve and its simplified and robust design, virtually zero failures have been reported relative to the hundreds of thousands of systems currently in operation worldwide. MIT3 presents a number significant benefits to existing building owners who currently operate MIT1 or other UFAD systems.

Other manufacturers have a robust parts business from their installed base.  Many of these systems are not even thermostatically controlled.

Many existing UFAD systems don’t provide consistent temperature control.  Outdated manual control systems are stuck or non-functioning.  Many older systems do not meet current ASHRAE ventilation standards.  Some are noisy and require constant maintenance.

Why Upgrade?

1. Flexibility of Controls

  • Modern Graphic Thermostats (PI)
  • Open Protocol
  • 0-10 VDC
  • 3rd Party Controls
  • Plug & Play Flexibility

2. Improved Ventilation Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

  • Better Air Throw
  • Better Stratification
  • Higher Ventilation Effectiveness
  • Allows For Less Outdoor Air with Same Comfort

3. Better Controls

  • Improved Occupant Comfort
  • Increased Occupant Productivity
  • Reduced Energy Use and Maintenance Costs

4. Better Architectural Appearance

  • Replace Ugly Plastic With Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Customer Colors to Match Design Interiors
  • Polished or Textured Finishes
  • Wide Selection of Shapes and Sizes

Get Started!

Are you currently experiencing reduced efficiency or general failures with your existing UFAD system? Is your UFAD system still functional, but a source of concern regarding future cost and reliability? Consider a consultation from our expert Application Engineers, who can guide you through the process of an upgrade, and help you fully understand how a generation 3 MIT system can revitalize your space and provide peace of mind.

Shrief Kabis
Application Engineer
MIT1 to MIT3 System Upgrades

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