UFAD Product Line

AirFixture, LLC products range from common to the most advanced in the industry, maintaining the highest quality that can be purchased today. AirFixture holds major patents for technological innovations that have changed the way under floor air is distributed. Our products have been designed with the end-user and installer in mind, creating the best value in the UFAD industry.

Personal Comfort Diffusers | Desk Top Diffuser | Élan | MIT | LMIT | Fan Powered Units | Linear Troughs | Data Center Product Line

Personal Comfort Diffusers:  We offer a large variety of Personal Comfort Diffusers, in a range of configurations: Square, Round, Linear, Rectangular, Constant Volume, Variable Volume, and Manually Adjustable. All diffusers are available in the architect's choice of color. Our diffusers can provide 40 to 150 cfm comfort control air pressure, and up to 3000 cfm for special applications.



Desk Top Diffuser:  Our desk top diffusers provide an optimal throw pattern for comfort at the lowest air flow rates while providing the best possible ventilation effectiveness. The sleek low profile design minimizes intrusion into users work surface area. Air is discharged horizontally in a displacement flow style so that air is directed to the chest and face at a low velocity. The desk top series offers adjustable air delivery at the desk top that is flush with the work surface. Both the direction of flow and volume of air are adjustable with the touch of a finger.


Élan:  Our comfort metal diffusers are available in a 180°directional or a 360° omni-directional flow, high induction floor diffuser with a low air throw height and tight shut off. It has an attractive appearance and is available in a wide variety of finishes and colors.


MIT:  Our variable air volume (VAV) diffusers use AirFixture's global patented time modulation technology that automatically adjusts air delivery based on the temperature demand of the occupied space. MIT units incorporate a pulse-width modulation valve that automatically adjusts individual terminals and a damper that uses time modulation logic to maintain the thermostat setpoint. The diffuser grille for each unit comes in three sections, two of which are adjustable, to create 16 different air patterns for the perfect combination of comfort for the user. The diffuser grille comes in a variety of colors, sizes, configurations and air flow capacities to meet architects' design needs.


LMIT:  Our linear diffuser series uses similar capabilities as our MIT products, with the replacement of the adjustable grille with a linear style grille. The linear grille option does not allow personal comfort adjustment capabilities, but does include automatically adjusting individual terminals and a damper that uses time modulation logic. The linear grille diffuser is designed with 0, 15 and 30 degree angles providing variable air delivery in a variety of colors and configurations to meet architects' needs.


Fan Powered Units:  Our made-to-order fan powered units come in a wide variety of arrangements and configurations. These products were designed for multi-floor, larger floor plan office buildings. When the Fan Powered Unit is placed within 50 feet of any perimeter wall they provide an easily installed and maintained, cost effective unit that can be moved should the office space change configuration. The units can vary from 150 to 600 cfm and are easily positioned between raised floor pedestals, providing easy access to electrical cables.


Linear Troughs:  Our SEGMENTED and CONTINUOUS Linear Trough configurations are designed for perimeter heating and cooling arrangements. This sleek design is offered in both electric and water options, and a variety of lengths, sizes and voltages. This product provides a perimeter heating+cooling / heat-only / cooling-only system that is silent and requires little to none of the maintenance of a fan. Linear Troughs use AirFixture's global patented time modulation technology that automatically adjusts air delivery to meet the temperature demand of an occupied space. They provide high capacity air flow without restricting under floor volume.


Data Center Product Line:  Our data center diffuser and high-capacity fan units are a unique cost-effective solution for large-density and variable-load data center environments. These diverse units use the "DirectAire by TATE Access Floors" grate which delivers air flow to the standard server racks at specifically designed angles, ensuring proper air flow to the entire server rack. The patented design ensures direct, properly placed air flow, eliminating bypass air that is typically lost in other systems, reducing operating costs and protecting server reliability.