Raised Access Floor Systems

Need a Flooring Solution With Lower Installation Costs, That Offers Faster Services Access and Provides Ultimate Design Flexibility?

A raised access floor system gives your commercial space unparalleled advantages when it comes to accessing your building services, speeding up occupancy changes, boosting occupant comfort - and all at a lower installation cost.

A raised access floor from AirFixture can:

  • Lower your installation costs
  • Speed up occupancy
  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Boost design aesthetic
  • Offer improved design flexibility

What is Raised Access Flooring?

Raised access floors offer building owners an underfloor alternative for delivering vital building services, including wiring, cabling, and HVAC. This setup brings many benefits including improved flexibility, a stunning design aesthetic, and cost savings.

AirFixture raised access flooring manufacturers & contractors provide innovative systems that can improve your building operations while achieving maximum ROI.

With a wide variety of architectural finishes available, including floor tiles, laminate, granite, wood, and high-pressure finishes, you’ll easily be able to incorporate the perfect decor into your environment.

Types of Raised Access Floors

Typically, raised access floors come in two main varieties, and which one you choose will depend on a number of factors.

Traditional/Standard Access Floor

Defined as any type of access floor that is 6” or taller, a standard access floor type is widely used in offices and other buildings. These floor types offer plenty of room for plenum space for HVAC systems, as well as cabling, telecom, and building services.

Low Profile Access Floor

A low-profile access floor has a raised height of 6” or less, featuring shorter pedestal systems yet still incorporating enough room for critical building systems underneath.

Why Choose a Raised Access Floor System?

Choosing a raised access flooring system gives you unmatched access to your building services. Wiring and cabling can be easily installed and routed through a raised access floor panel, much more efficiently than via overhead spaces.

All businesses these days rely on cabling for power and to run electronics. The ease with which cabling can be accessed makes it easy to add or reconfigure telecom and computing equipment, without having to deal with removing ceiling panels.

This ease of access also makes it easy to change the layout of your space. With plug and play cabling, casinos are quickly moving their machines around the gaming floor, and data centers are reconfiguring large and complex server racks much faster than by using a traditional overhead or in-wall wiring configuration.

The time saved by the ease of access provided by raised access flooring will lead to reduced costs, greater efficiency, and faster occupancy for vacant units.

Raised Access Floor Benefits

Building owners, architects, and engineers can all benefit from raised access floors:

  • Lower installation costs,  when all utility installation savings are considered
  • Improved flexibility for installing, replacing and relocating essential building services such as wiring and plumbing
  • Greater design flexibility thanks to easy adaptability
  • Faster service changes – ladders not needed!
  • Accelerated tax depreciation opportunities
  • Increased daylighting opportunities due to increased ceiling heights
  • Improved aesthetics

The Raised Access Flooring Company You Can Trust

AirFixture has successfully completed hundreds of raised access floor projects over the years, helping building and facility owners take full advantage of the numerous advantages that this innovative floor system brings.

With experience in building types ranging from offices, libraries, schools, and government offices to casinos and event spaces, AirFixture has the expertise and product catalog to help you enjoy all the benefits raised access floors have to offer.

Contact us for more raised access floor details and how they can reduce your costs while making running your business more efficient.