Underfloor Heating

AirFixture Underfloor Heating Systems

Installing underfloor heating as part of an overall UFAD system brings enormous benefits to a facility owner. In addition to improved ventilation, air quality and occupant comfort, an AirFixture underfloor air distribution system can significantly reduce operational costs.

Specifically, lower costs can be realized in the form of lowered energy consumption thanks to UFAD’s unique thermal qualities. Typically, reduced plenum fan pressures are necessary as compared to a typical duct delivery system. As well, natural air convection means improved thermal comfort for occupants.

Underfloor Heating Benefits

Underfloor heating along with raised access floors have been growing in adoption over the past two decades, and these systems bring with them a host of advantages. These include:

  • Improved design flexibility for buildings
  • Reduced installation, operational and maintenance costs
  • Improved building ventilation and air quality leads to better occupant comfort
  • Minimizes impact on natural environment
  • Access floors improve the aesthetics of a building, improving the overall value
  • Increases overall performance of a facility’s environmental operations
  • Zero routine maintenance fan powers heat units

With hundreds of successful installations in over 25 countries worldwide, AirFixture is a leader in providing underfloor heating solutions to building owners.